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Reflections Mystery School

Mission, Lineage & Faculty


The mission of the Reflections Mystery School is to acknowledge, deepen our awareness of and strengthen our relationship with the presence of divine mystery. We recognize that the primary responsibility of a witch is to transform ourselves and that this work spans many lifetimes. We use our personal transformative work as our lens and blade, as our fuel and staff, as our salve and well, and as our foundation and womb as we participate fully within the flow of life.

As shamans of the new age, we delve into the subtle energies and communicate with all the realms. We study, work and grow with a spirit of curiosity, respect and humility. We listen. We observe. We acknowledge. We act. We learn. We grow. We accept. We move on.

Spiritual & Cultural Lineage

Reflections is a contacted mystery school. The school is not affiliated with any pre-existing mystery tradition. Entry into the mystery tradition that directs the school is via a first-degree initiation or via a second-degree initiation into one of our magical guilds.

Our spiritual lineage includes direct influences from Dark Flame Coven, Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, Reclaiming and Feri. Indirect influences include Catholicism, the Sojourner Truth Congregation of Unitarian Universalist, Voodun, Santeria, Hawaiian Mysticism, Jungian Psychology, and the cultural/political commentary of folks like bell hooks, Cornel West, Audrey Lourde and Starhawk.


Katrina Messenger is the founder and primary instructor for the Reflections Mystery School. Since 2008, Ivo Dominguez Jr., Elder of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, has joined the faculty of Reflections.

Reflections will also feature visiting and affiliate faculty from other mystery schools and traditions. Additional faculty will be added as needed.