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Reflections Mystery School

Water Exercises: Major Arcana

Goal: To select four major arcana cards and work with each of them in trance and/or meditation for a full week.

I prefer you use a tarot deck that is based on the Rider-Waite imagery. Separate out all 22 of the major arcana. Sort the cards into roughly five piles as follows:

  • Cards you aspire to, i.e. my pile contained the High Priestess, Magician, Temperance, Hermit, Lovers, Strength and Fool.
  • Cards you dislike, i.e. my pile had the Emperor and Hierophant.
  • Cards you like, i.e. my pile had the Sun, Moon and Star.
  • Cards you fear, i.e. my pile had the Devil, Tower and Death.
  • Put the leftover cards aside.

Now go through each pile and pick one as the most liked, disliked, feared and revered. Put all the remaining cards aside with the others. My final cut was as follows:

  • Aspire: Fool
  • Dislike: Hierophant
  • Like: Sun
  • Fear: Devil

Another day or another time, you could have picked different cards; but that doesn’t matter. What matters are the cards you pick today.

Now turn these four cards face down and shuffle them. Place the stack on your altar. Each week, pick the top card from the stack and work with it for a week. At the end of the week put the working card back in the deck.

Once each day spend time gazing into the working card and imagine yourself as the persona in the card. Focus on the major figure, the largest or most central figure. For instance, become the Devil not the folks chained. Become the Angel, the Hierophant, the Chariot driver, the lightning flash, the Wheel, or the Moon.

Write about your experience each day, if you can, in a continuous flow in your journal. Trace or sketch the image into your journal. You can even copy and paste the image into your journal. Use color and images to enliven the pages each week. Allow the image to seep into your dreams. Walk around or eat a meal as this persona; select clothes from your closet that remind you of this image. Pick the persona’s favorite song, food, scent and TV show. Really allow this image to seep into your life. If at any point, you begin to feel unsafe, frightened or your loved ones start backing away from you – stop. Wait a week then start up again with the next card in the stack.

If you find it difficult to do this each day, then at the very least try it at least three times during the week.