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Reflections Mystery School

Water Exercise: Mirror Work

I am going to make this exercise a bit lighter than normal only to give you a break after (or before) the Major Arcana exercise.

Goal: To use the mirror as a magical tool.

There are three variations for this exercise, you should try at least two of them.

  • Variation 1: Look into your own eyes for as long as you can each day for a week. Not at your hair, your teeth, your ears or nose, but look directly into your own eyes.
  • Variation 2: Write, with an erasable marker, a message on your bathroom or bedroom mirror. Write the message in an arc either above your head or below your chin. If you share the mirror with others, pick a subtler message that would work for all of you. Suggested messages: “I believe in you”, “I respect you”, “I trust your instincts”, “I appreciate you”, “I like you”, “I love you”, “I am beautiful”, “I am creative”, “I am intelligent”, “I am balanced” or “I am powerful”. Pick a message just short of the heart clincher; do not make it an ordeal. Allow it to seep into you subliminally, use your mirror like normal – do not force your self to read the message. At the end of the week, erase the message.
  • Variation 3: Look at your self in the mirror, preferably into your own eyes, and speak one of the messages from variation 2 to yourself. Use the same message every day for a week.