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Reflections Mystery School

Two Rivers Sanctuary

412 Hamilton Street NW
Washington, DC 20011
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Petworth/Green Line, take 62 Bus toward Takoma station, then *
Takoma/Red Line, take 62 Bus toward Petworth station, then *
* Exit 62 bus at 5th & Galatin Street NW, and walk towards Hamilton Street then east to 412 Hamilton Street NW
Union Station - Use Metro to Takoma/Red Line
National Airport - Use Metro to Takoma/Red Line or Petworth/Green Line
BWI Airport - Super Shuttle or Click on map for Car directions

For Out of Towners

Now here is a little bit of information about DC's street grid. The city was designed as a diamond with four quadrants (NW, NE, SW, SE). There are avenues for every state and they pretty much run diagonally crisscrossing the city in no particular order or pattern. Just to make things interesting, everyone once in awhile they drop in extra streets but the vast majority (90%) of the streets follow the following pattern.

  • Generally numbered streets run north/south starting from the center radiating outward. So there are two 1st streets for example, one in NW and SW, and one in NE and SE.
  • Names streets run east/west alphabetically radiating outward. The pattern for named streets are letters starting from A through W (no J street), two syllable names, three syllable names, then names of trees/plants to fill out the northern most point of the diamond -- all in alphabetical order. So there are two A streets, one in NW and NE, and one in SE and SW.

Which means that there are potentially four intersections called 1st and A streets, one in each quadrant.

We are located at 412 Hamilton Street, NW. Which means that it is on Hamilton street between 4th and 5th in the NW quadrant. Hamilton is a three syllable name that begins with a H, so it is within the set of streets closer to the northern most edge of the city. This will help you navigate in the city and generally find your way around.