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Reflections Mystery School


Water Exercise: Mirror Work

I am going to make this exercise a bit lighter than normal only to give you a break after (or before) the Major Arcana exercise.

Goal: To use the mirror as a magical tool.

There are three variations for this exercise, you should try at least two of them.

  • Variation 1: Look into your own eyes for as long as you can each day for a week. Not at your hair, your teeth, your ears or nose, but look directly into your own eyes.

Water Exercises: Major Arcana

Goal: To select four major arcana cards and work with each of them in trance and/or meditation for a full week.

I prefer you use a tarot deck that is based on the Rider-Waite imagery. Separate out all 22 of the major arcana. Sort the cards into roughly five piles as follows:

  • Cards you aspire to, i.e. my pile contained the High Priestess, Magician, Temperance, Hermit, Lovers, Strength and Fool.
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