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Reflections Mystery School


10, 30 & 60 Minute Exercises

The general assignment is to do a ten minute exercise daily, a thirty minute exercise weekly and an hour long exercise at some regular interval like every month, every full or dark moon, or every sabbath.

The ten minute exercise is assigned, while the 30 and 60 minute ones are for you to develop.

Ten Minute Exercises

Follow the links to read descriptions and variants of all these exercises.

Annual Projects - 2005/2006

It is that time of year again ... when I finally tell you what I expect in terms of annual projects. Only first year students are required to submit a project proposal, however all students need to provide an outline and/or update on Lammas. All students are invited to participate, however only degree students are required to submit an annual project.

Annual Projects – 2005/2006

Annual Projects 2008

Degree level students are required to complete a paper, or project focusing on an element or elemental archetype within the mystery tradition. However the particulars of your project varies according to how many years you have attended Reflections cumulatively.

All projects are due December 1st. A project outline or status update is due at Mabon, i.e. approximately September 21st.

First Year:

December 04 Readings

Provided at Orientation
Reading List

  • Fedorschak, V J, The Shadow On The Path, Chapter 8: Shattering Illusion and Opening the Heart
  • Eichman, William Carl, Meeting The Shadow, Chapter 28: Meeting the Dark Side in Spiritual Practice
  • Zweig, Connie, Holy Longing, Epilogue:Creativity as Practice
  • Rumi, The Mouse and the Camel

Degree Assignment Deadline

All degree students, plus those seeking promotion to the degree level, are required to submit their mission statement and list of roles to me by March 31st. Submissions should be received by Sunday, April 2nd to be counted as on-time. Submissions received by April 15th will be counted as late.

No assignments will be accepted after April 15th. No exceptions.


Earth Exercise: Foot Massage

Massage the soles of your feet daily. Use lotion only if you will not be walking barefoot immediately afterwords. Rub your heel, sole, the ball of the foot and the spaces between your toes. Have a love one do it for you. Do a massage exchange with a friend or lover. Open up the chakras on the soles of your feet.

Earth Exercise: Grounding

Ground. Everyday, and through out the day. Use any method that's effective for you. It can be the good old tree of life grounding, a bio-energetic grounding exercise, the corpse pose, tree hugging, just do it please. Often. Practice using your grounding anchor so it becomes a habit. Pay attention to how it feels and what happens when you are more mindful of grounding, particularly in the presence and absence of stress.

Earth Exercise: Sleep

Get more sleep!

Try an experiment for a week. Try to go to bed early enough that you wake up before your alarm. Find out what amount of sleep is optimum for you right now. And once you discover your optimum amount of sleep, try and make a commitment to get it at least three times a week. Consider it a challenge to go to five days per week.

Earth Exercises: All Paths

Try to do as many of these assignments as you can without going overboard. The goal is for everyone to engage themselves in earth practices as much as they are able. As we approach Yule, we all need to pay attention our bodies and the earth.

February Exercise - Gratitude

One of the gifts I received in twelve step was a practice of gratitude. This practice will open you to gratitude in ways that are both subtle and cumulative -- in other words, it will sneak up on you.

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