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Reflections Mystery School

Spring: Air Exercises

Pick any two of the following. Try each for a week, then use the one that resonates regularly for a month. At the end of the month, try one of the remaining two for a week, then keep doing the air practice that works for you as long as it feels helpful.

1 - Ha Prayer daily at rising and right before sleeping. (See Be a Goddess by Francesca De Grandis, pps 139-141)

  • Sit comfortably. Feel the energy all around you. Breathe comfortably and deeply.
  • Think or say: "May all three souls be straight within me."
  • Ask your Fetch (or younger self) to store the energy you are about to take in.
  • Visualize the energy around you.
  • Breath it in, breathing in sets of 4 breaths, until you have a very strong charge.
  • When you are well charged, ask your Fetch to divide the energy.
    Your Fetch will know what to do with it. You don't need to think consciously about where the energy will be going. Trust your Fetch. You do need to have a clear idea of why you are doing this work, though. First off, it is to make yourself a clear channel of energy and by aligning your Three Souls, you are likely to become a healthier person.
  • Tilt your head back as you breathe out and blow a breath of air upwards.
    Send the energized breath to your God Self, which you visualize as a ball of blue fire floating above your head.

2 - Create an Affirmation or a Mantra and recited it for three 5 minute periods daily.

Choose an item from your list of challenges or something along your growing edge, and create a mantra of compassion. Ex. My growing edge is around being present with my feelings instead of immediately going into my intellectual mode. My mantra could be, "My mind is overflowing with compassion." Or "My intellect is a tool of compassion."

3 - Spiral Breath practice for at least 10 minutes a day. (See The Intuitive Body by Wendy Palmer, pps 40-41)

  • Notice how a jar opens and closes. Clockwise (CW) to close and counter-clockwise (CCW) to open.
  • Bring your awareness to your breath, and allow it to spiral up and down in the following pattern. Breathe in, spiraling up CCW, as in opening the jar. Breathe out, spiraling down CW, as in closing the jar.
  • Continue spiraling up and down with each breath.

4 - Regular use of any intentional breathing practice, such as

  • Four-fold breath, ie in-pause-out-pause.
  • Taking three deep breaths in response to an external stimuli. For example set a timer that goes off at regular intervals, like maybe every 43 minutes. Or whenever you see the color yellow. Or whenever you hear a bell.
  • Alternate breathing through each nostril.
  • Focusing on breathing into the upper, middle and lower portions of your lungs.
  • Breathing in and out of your chakras, ie into the root and out the heart.
  • etc.