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Reflections Mystery School

Reflections Work Study/Community Service Program

Reflections Mystery School values service to the community. Service is one of the six values we hold in common. During our first five years, Reflections students contributed over 200 hours of service to the community. Our students have worked with Friends & Family, SMYAL, Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, donated to help Nigerian children accused of witchcraft and helped clean up P Street beach, among other initiatives.

In addition Reflections, through our various programs, has offered over $7,000 in scholarships to members of the community.

In 2010, we decided that we needed to do more to support the larger community. Reflections now offers discounted classes ($25-$75) to folks who are engaged in documented community service. Discounts range up to $50 for a one-day class, up to $75 for a two-day or weekly series, and up to $100 in a calendar year.

After registering for the class, use the contact form to request a community service slot. Please enter your name, email address, evening phone number, and your order number. You will be contacted by the School Administrator. You can then download and complete the community service form below.

Once all the slots are filled, the class page will be updated to reflect that no slots are available.

RMS_community_service_form.pdf96.58 KB