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Reflections Mystery School

School Life

Office Hours

Katrina Messenger maintains school office hours on most Tuesdays (or Wednesdays) during the school year; students on the Sun and Moon Paths are encouraged to schedule appointments. Open appointment slots are announced on the school bulletin board. From time to time, additional outings focusing on the elements of the season may be arranged by senior students; all students are expected to make an effort to attend.

Mystery school students are encouraged to consider Katrina Messenger as a clergy resource for emergencies and rites of passage. Katrina maintains a separate spiritual counseling and coaching practice with hourly rates beyond the individual student meetings required. Katrina does not offer psychological or pastoral counseling, as she is not licensed, nor qualified to offer such services.

School Portal & Bulletin Board

At acceptance, students will receive a user name and password to access the school portal and bulletin board. Mystery school students must register for all school events via the school portal or they will be charged the public rate. Additionally the portal can be used to view account status, make payments, access transcripts, update one’s student profile, and access school resources such as the bulletin board and school directory.

Payment Plans

Mystery school students can set up payment plans for annual and class/workshop fees. The minimum amounts required to hold a class slot are as follows; $25 for one day classes and $50 to $75 for two day classes and weekend workshops. Simply print out and fill in a payment plan form that is available within the school portal resource area.