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Reflections Mystery School

General Requirements

In addition to the path specific program requirements listed in Table 1, each student is expected to comply with the following minimum requirements annually.

  • Individual and/or group meetings with Katrina Messenger. Students on the Sun and Moon Paths are required to meet with Katrina individually two to four times annually to discuss their progress in the school.
  • Students on the Sun Path are required to complete a paper, or project focusing on an element or elemental archetype within the mystery tradition.
  • All students are expected to complete assigned readings, exercises and altar work.
  • All students are required to maintain a working magical journal for the year. The journal will hold all writings, dreams, rituals, class work, artwork, etc. associated with the students’ magical and/or spiritual practice. Journals may be inspected from time to time to confirm compliance.
  • All students are required to contribute 40 service hours which includes regular temple maintenance, half of which can be satisfied within approved community service initiatives such Connect DC.
  • Students on the Sun Path (after their first year) may be assigned mentoring responsibilities for an elemental group and/or on the school discussion boards.


Reflections’ school year begins January 1st, and concludes December 15th. The school is closed during the month of August. There are nine rituals, up to two sequestered two-day weekends, and six or more public classes or workshops offered each year.