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Reflections Mystery School

Upcoming Web Site Updates

Early this week, I will begin the initial phases of the long process of upgrading the website to include the portal functions.

The first step involves upgrading the site to the current version of the drupal 5.x release -- and no, you do not need to understand this. But it involves, amongst other things, a change in the way we receive emails. You will need to re-subscribe to the school and/or staff groups once the site is updated. I will post instructions BEFORE I take the site down.

My plan is to minimize the period when the site is completely inaccessble. You and the public will be able to view the website as normal for most of the period. But I will need your help to make this a successful upgrade. I will send out an announcement a few hours before I plan to begin the upgrade. Once it starts you should not post or change anything or the posts/changes will be lost once I am finish with the upgrade. My pre-announcement will include what time you should be able to login again and resubscribe to receive emails.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments to this post.

Katrina dba Amber the Geek