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Reflections Mystery School

Myth, Masks & Magick: A Mask Making Intensive

With Helena Dominic
Oct 19, 2008
From 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Mask Making is one of the oldest arts known to humanity. Through masking, we are able to take on other personas and even interact with the spirits. In Africa, maskers perform for initiations, other rites of passage, funerals, and seasonal festivals. Maskers take on the identities of the spirits they perform, becoming something other than human, often acting as diviners, or dispensers of advice and social control, or even as Deity.

In this workshop, we will journey to see which spirits are needed to speak to us. We will then create masks to reflect those spirits, and then share the spirits and their messages in ceremony.

Mask creation is messy business! Either wear something you don’t mind getting creative in, or bring a t-shirt or smock to cover your clothes. We will be using rigid wrap, which is plaster embedded gauze. Bring rubber gloves if you have skin allergies or sensitivities – there is lyme in plaster. If you wear contacts, consider either wearing your glasses, or bring protective goggles.