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Reflections Mystery School

Lisa Aerianna Tayerle

AeriannaAeriannaAerianna identifies herself as a witch, artist and professional gardener. For her all three are a way to work WITH and IN nature. It was her relationship with nature that led her to witchcraft, not the other way around. Aerianna believes it is important to work the energetic, psychic, and symbolic aspects of nature, but we must not only honor nature in the abstract, but know and understand nature in the physical. If we are going to live balanced magical lives and help heal the earth, we must develop a more personal relationship with the earth.

Aerianna uses her traditional degrees and training in Architecture, Design, Fine Arts, and Horticulture together with her Magical training and wilderness experience to create a personalized teaching style that combines experiential nature emersion, ritual, horticultural knowledge, and hands-on art/craft techniques.