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Reflections Mystery School

Earth Exercises: All Paths

Try to do as many of these assignments as you can without going overboard. The goal is for everyone to engage themselves in earth practices as much as they are able. As we approach Yule, we all need to pay attention our bodies and the earth.

1) Ground. Everyday, and through out the day. Use any method that's effective for you. It can be the good old tree of life grounding, a bio-energetic grounding exercise, the corpse pose, tree hugging, just do it please. Often. Practice using your grounding anchor so it becomes a habit. Pay attention to how it feels and what happens when you are more mindful of grounding, particularly in the presence and absence of stress.

2) If you are physically able, please go outside and sit or lie or stand on real ground, I mean unpaved earth, preferably each day for a minimum of five minutes each time. Feel our good earth. Rest. Really rest. Enjoy. Give thanks.

3) Treat your body well. Listen to what your body needs and give it to yourself. Give yourself good nourishment and enough sleep and appropriate exercise.

4) Please go to one of these two websites: or
and take the Ecological Footprint Quiz. Please challenge yourself to be as truthful and real as you can and know that its data calculations are conservative to begin with. Notice what thoughts and feelings come up around this. At the end of the quiz there are links that give more information, including a FAQ page. Please take some time to look them over and answer your questions. Let's share strategies and ideas about lessening our ecological footprint.