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Reflections Mystery School

Our Story

Into The MysteryThroughout human history a sacred timeless path has called to women over and over again, the path of descent. And unlike the hero's journey where at each juncture the hero attains gifts, tools or allies, the descent journey asks us to relinquish our hard won trophies, shatter our deeply held convictions, dissolve our ego-supporting illusions, and surrender our very innocence.

There are many ways a woman can evolve, change and grow over time. In myth, gods descend as well as goddesses; consider Nergal, Orpheus & Heracles for example. However the number of descending goddesses at all stages of life and standing are remarkable. Inanna, the Queen of Heaven & Earth, answers the call, the innocent Kore/Persphone is abducted, matronly Demeter descends into crippling grief, the beautiful Amaterasu withdraws into a cave, and tender Psyche descends on a mission, even Ereshikigal, the Queen of the Underworld, descends to claim her domain.

And in folklore, the descent motif is also present; Sleeping Beauty falls into a deep sleep, Rapunzel is abducted and placed in a tower, Gretel and Vasalisa are forced to work in the home of the evil witch, and Alice falls down the rabbit hole. And poor Little Red Riding Hood is at the mercy of the wolf on her way to Grandma's house through the deep woods.