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Reflections Mystery School

subtle sciences

Chakra Overview


This class will provide an introduction to auras, energy fields and the classic seven chakras. Using guided imagery and body movements, we will explore each chakra.

Participants will create body maps to record imagery and insights gathered from each chakra and use the maps as tools for divination, creativity and ritual.

Ethereal Anatomy: Subtle Bodies


This class will present a unified system of Ethereal anatomy for conceptualizing the chakras, the subtle bodies, and the Parts of Self as they relate to the various Planes of Being. We will also focus on the Threefold models and the Elemental models as they relate to the Body of Light. The interface between psychology, emotion, and the perception of the subtle bodies will be explored as well. There will be material presented on how knowledge of Ethereal anatomy relates to and enriches spiritual work and magickal work.

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