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Reflections Mystery School


Beyond Consensus


What are the critical building blocks that encourage consensus decision-making? When is the consensus process inappropriate or oppressive? How do we get beyond simply using consensus-based decision-making and into true cooperative leadership? What are the critical skills, tools and techniques that encourage power sharing, diversity and open, transparent processes?

This is a three-part workshop. First we discuss the preconditions and supports that make consensus decision making possible. Secondly, we review several methods of incorporating the methodology into a group process. And lastly we discuss meeting facilitation as a spiritual skill.

Shadow Work for Leaders, Clergy, Adepts, and Mystics


Shadow work is essential for spiritual development. When you step onto a path of spiritual leadership however, your developmental arc may seem to speed up. This can cause one to face specific shadows associated with leadership such as spiritual inflation, narcissism and others at an accelerated rate. We have all witnessed or read about the seemingly insane rate at which religious leaders of all faiths find themselves engaging in reprehensible acts, are caught up in scintillating scandals or experiencing periods of extreme isolation. Shadow work at this level of development is not only essential but can be life saving.

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