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Reflections Mystery School

Vocation: Answering the Call


This course is currently for Reflections full-time students only.

Join us for a weekend devoted to vocation as a sacred gift. The Vocation weekend is designed to enlarge the role that vocation plays in our lives. Katrina Messenger believes that in acknowledging ones true vocation, we can find both purpose and meaning.

Vocation at its core is a divine summons. The divine calls to each of us in our own unique way; it calls us to manifest the very purpose of our life. We each have a special role to play in the tending and blossoming of human life. We each bring with us into this weary world, a unique jewel to be discovered, polished and shared. This gift is our vocation.

To often we labor under the mistaken belief that vocation is something reserved for the pious and the martyr, but we are not all meant to be Mother Theresa. Others mistakenly adopt roles unrelated to their own talents and gifts, adopting the roles of others without regard to ability or even interest. We cannot all be teachers; someone must bake the bread, till the land, build the homes, maintain the computers, heal the wounded and stock the shelves. And then there are those who seek to escape from the din and diversity of ideas, religions, philosophies and beliefs; we cannot all be hermits either.

Join us as we build our own inner temple and develop an understanding of life as a continuing discovery of purpose. Join us as we discover how to answer the call.