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Reflections Mystery School

The Cleansing of the Vessel

From by Francesca De Grandis, pps 240-242, modified by Katrina Messenger...


  1. Place a white candle (tea light or votive) in front of you and optionally light frankincense.
  2. Contemplate happiness, joy, contentment and satisfaction -- bring all of this to the front of your awareness.
  3. Imagine the Goddess is there with you, filled with love for you. She is as kind and loving as you could imagine, without judgement or blame -- and she wants to heal you. Again bring this to the front of your awareness.
  4. Focus on the issues and problems you have been facing within your life. Really get in touch with your fears, angers and other blocks to your essential flow. Bring these forward in your awareness.
  5. Keeping all of the above forward in your awareness and recite the following prayer.
Kindest Mother:
I show you these wounds
that I have suffered.
Though I did not cause these wounds,
in my pain I have hurt myself further
and perhaps hurt others.
I am ready now to be cleansed of all these things
that pain and bind me.
Cleanse and heal me
so that I am a vessel not of pain
but of love.
Cleanse and heal me
so that I can be filled
with the passionate caring
that you feel for Dian-y-glas
Cleanse and heal me
so that I can drink in such love
as You and my God feel for each other,
a love that echoes all of creation.
And now guide me,
showing me a new way,
a path of love and healthy abundance.

[Now light the candle.]
So mote it be.

I usually feel the lighting of the candle within my crown chakra. I literally feel the candle as it is burning down in my physical and subtle bodies -- slowly burning from my crown to the soles of my feet. It feels sooooo good, like I am being purified through the flames. Your mileage may vary ... of course.