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Reflections Mystery School
Snow White
Loss of Innocence Series
March 20, 2013 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm

A pretty girl is demonized by a jealously obsessed Queen. In this story the child takes refuge in the home of the seven dwarfs. But even under the protection of her new allies, the queen still manages to terrorize Snow White again and again. And we are left to ponder the age old question of ... what is it with the evil stepmothers?

In this online series, Katrina Messenger will review myths and fairy tales related to the loss of innocence. Children in such tales are forced to undertake journeys that far outstrips their experience levels and exceeds what we would consider an age appropriate expectation.


Katrina Messenger

Katrina Messenger is a certified Archetypal Pattern Analyst and Dream Pattern Analyst. As a Wiccan mystic, Katrina works extensively with mythology, dreams, ritual and trance as a means of self exploration, self healing and self evolution. She believes that any attempt to change the external world must be paired with the inner work of a personal spiritual practice. As a healer, teacher and priestess, she believes that everyone has a unique purpose and can walk the path of sacred vocation.
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