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Reflections Mystery School

Sisters of the Yam: Study Guide

Sisters of the Yam: Black Women and Self-Recovery
Author: bell hooks
Study Guide

Ritual Class / Chapters to be discussed

  • Imbolc: Overview & Purpose
  • Ostara: (Preface & Introduction) Reflection of Light & Healing Darkness
  • Beltane: (Chapters 1-2) Seeking After Truth & Tongues of Fire
  • Litha: (Chapters 3-4) What Makes Life Sweet & Knowing Peace
  • Lammas: (Chapters 5-6) Growing Away from Addiction & Dreaming Ourselves Dark and Deep
  • Mabon: (Chapters 7-8) Facing and Feeling Loss & Moved by Passion
  • Samhain: (Chapters 9-11) Living to Love, Sweet Communion & The Joy of Reconciliation
  • Yule: (Chapters 12-13) Touching the Earth & Walking in the Spirit