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Reflections Mystery School

The Shadow Class Challenge

In June 2010, I will again offer my class on shadow work. It has been my experience that this class is best received by those who have had at least six months of shadow work prior to the class. Additionally this year, we are also offering a follow up class, Shadow Work for Leaders, Clergy, Adepts & Mystics in December.

How does one prepare for a class on shadow work?
  1. You start by first reading by Connie Zweig and Steve Wolf and working through the examples in each chapter.
  2. And if there is time, you also read by Robert A. Johnson and use his techniques to analyze your dreams.
  3. You keep a journal to track your dreams, daily thoughts and insights, plus your answers to the exercises from steps 1 and 2.
  4. You bring the journal to class with you.

The shadow work class is scheduled for Sunday, June 6th with the follow up class scheduled for December 5th. In my experience, those that prepare themselves ahead of time have a deeper understanding of the work involved and are able to make use of this understanding in ways they never would have imagined otherwise.

I do not currently have plans to offer this level of shadow work in 2011. Do not miss this opportunity to step up to the Work.

(Registration for Reflections' classes normally opens at around sixty days out to comply with PayPal refund restrictions.)