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Reflections Mystery School

Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

When I began the Artists Way all those years ago, I had no idea how much it would intertwine so easily with my spiritual practice. I find myself using ideas, insights and revelations from this book in all aspects of my rather full life.

The Artists Way is one of those books that speaks to the universal Artist inside of us all. Julia Cameron, more than any other writer helped me to envision, invoke and engage with the Artist Archetype within my tradition, within my path and within my students.

The Artists Way has been selected for the Reflections Book Study. It is required reading for all Reflections students. We will take 24 weeks to cover the book, two weeks per chapter. As always, we slow down our processing to allow space for the divine to speak to our very souls.

Join us. We will start our collective journey at Imbolc.