Admission Requirements

Both the Moon Path of Personal Transformation and Sun Path of Apprenticeship are intended to provide advanced magical training and mentorship to experienced practitioners.

Applicants are expected to have taken our foundation course Elemental Mysteries or its equivalent, participated in group ritual, and have taken steps on their own to deepen and expand their knowledge, skills and experience as a spiritual seeker

Acceptance into Reflections is based on a variety of factors including: experience, skill, knowledge, talent (latent as well as learned), maturity, self-awareness, appropriate uses of power & influence, stability, leadership and level of commitment. Special consideration is given for candidates who have tested themselves via initiation, long-term study, challenging leadership roles, or have faced difficult life challenges.

Although Reflections does not currently accept beginners in the craft, we do offer public foundations courses, such as Elemental Mysteries and the Language of Magick. Reflections however is a place for folks who have already begun the work of personal transformative change.


Applications are accepted September 1st through October 31st, followed by interviews in November. The school year begins January 1st.

Fees, Scholarships & Payment Plans

Since we have increase our annual tuition to $500, we now offer scholarships of up to $200. We also require monthly payment plans if you are unable to pay the tuition in full by the Orientation ritual. Please check the appropriate box on the application form to request a scholarship. You will be contacted after acceptance in order to set up your payment plan.

Continuing Students

Continuing students do not need to reapply, they instead submit a registration form to continue at the same or different level. Continuing Moon Path students who are considering switching to the Sun Path must receive approval from Katrina Messenger before registration. Continuing students will also use the registration form to request a scholarship and/or to set up a monthly payment plan.


The school and its programs are open to all seekers regardless of path or tradition, including solitaires. We accept all genders, races, sexual orientations, life situations, backgrounds, and abilities, as long as a person is over 18. We are based in Washington DC, and prefer applicants who can travel easily to the DC area for classes and rituals. However we also offer a distance option for students who live more than 50 miles outside of DC. All students however must attend the Orientation ritual in January.