Our Mystery Tradition & The Magical Guild System

The Order of the Elemental Mysteries is the mystery tradition that supports the work of Reflections. We are of course interested in the four ancient elements of air, fire, water, and earth. But we are also interested in elements such as the sun, moon, and stars, in the dark and the light, and in the primal energies these all represent. We are interested in foundational truths, energies, cycles, and currents that run throughout life as we know it here, in our living planet-wide ecosystem. But we are concerned not just with our own planet. We are interested in life in all forms, manifestation in all forms, and evolution of all types. Our interest however is always from the perspective of how does this help us in our very human evolution. What lessons can be learned, what solutions can we mimic, and what patterns can we discern in order to assist our own growth and healing. In this way, we try to engage with the ancient elements of our ancestors.

This tradition is structured as a guild system with four primary guilds, each associated with an elemental archetype.

The four primary guilds, when launched, will act as elemental anchors for the tradition. First-degree initiation makes one a member of the tradition, but guild membership requires a second-degree initiation. Primary guilds can spin off specialized or major guilds that remain answerable to their parent guild. Covens and circles are considered minor guilds within the tradition.

At the highest level is the Guild Circle, which contains the heads of the four primary guilds and all the members of the Elders Circle. The Elders Circle represents the element of spirit, and contains the elders of the tradition. The head of the Elders Circle is the head of the tradition. Currently the Elders Circle is the only active guild and it has only one member – Katrina Messenger. Each primary guild acts as a semi-autonomous religious order dedicated to exploring the work of their respective archetype within the lives of its members. Instead of the traditional three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, the primary and major guilds have six vows: Sustainability (poverty), Self Care (chastity), Willingness (obedience), Humility, Service, and Discipline.

The mystery school uses the four archetypes associated with the primary guilds within rituals and ceremonies. We also explore the six guild vows and what they mean within a modern spiritual context.