Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions, with answers, that I get time and time again concerning our mystery school.

If you have a question that is not answered on the web site nor in this list, use the contact form.

Katrina Messenger

Does Reflections offer a correspondence course?

Reflections is not a correspondence course, nor is it offered online, so proximity is important. Working directly in the energy and community of the school and teacher is part of the core experience of the school.

We do now offer a long distance option. You are required to attend three ritual/classes, one of which is the initial Orientation ritual. We will broadcast portions of our ritual/classes over Skype for those who can not attend in person due to illness or distance. See our long distance student page for additional information.

How much time is required for homework?

It depends. Students are required to:

I may also assign spiritual practices, such as a forty-day sensate practice, or seasonal practices to all students. I may assign exercises to specific individuals to move them forward on their personal path.

These assignments are intended to jump start a personal spiritual practice, augment an existing one, or bring balance into ones life or practice.

So how much time it takes depends on the individual.

What do you do at Reflections?

We are often asked about the work of the school. So in 2009, Katrina finally answered that question in a post on her blog. Her answer is now summarized in our About section as well.

Why do we require folks to apply to Reflections instead of just admitting everyone who signs up?

Katrina Messenger answered this question on her blog at

Why would I need Reflections, I am already ....

Reflections is not for beginners. It is more like a graduate school. Reflections may be exactly what you have been seeking. I have found that what most priestesses, priests, clergy, teachers, and leaders in general need is exactly what Reflections provide -- a community of peers.

There is a certain kind of loneliness that can come from always being the one everyone else turns to for support, counsel, and advice. Here at Reflections, you will find peers and elders who will listen, support, and counsel you on your personal and leadership paths.

Several of our students have in the past or are currently leading their own groups, and have provided leadership within community. Some are stepping into the role of elder within their families, communities, and traditions.

One could say that the full time programs offered by Reflections are actually structured apprenticeships. And that the school community provides a respite for all those who lead, teach or counsel.