Welcome to Reflections

Reflections is a contacted mystery school based in Washington, DC. We accept students for year-long trainings and offer classes to the general public.

Reflections is run by Katrina Messenger, a poet, priestess, warrior and witch. Katrina is a full time Wiccan mystic and an ordained minister. More about Katrina is available on her web site.

What is Reflections?

Reflections is a tradition; it is a mystery school; it is a way of life; it is the vision of one woman, Katrina Messenger.

Reflections is the answer to a set of specific questions.

We are witches, shamans, pagans and mystics. We are called spiritual seekers within Reflections because we seek the seemingly familiar yet un-trod path.

Our methods appear eclectic on the surface, but are grounded within the theology, science and vision of Katrina Messenger. The inner teachings arise from her personal spiritual contacts that descend into human consciousness at times of great potential and transformative change.

Our purpose is to train the vision keepers, edge-walkers, soul retrievers and seed savers of the incoming age. Much has been lost and hidden of the human mystery. What is available seems contradictory and in many places has been misinterpreted. But the seeds are alive still, and with the loving assistance of our allies, co-walkers, guides and guardians; they will thrive again within the soul of human consciousness.

We are not the only ones on this path and so we share amongst and between the various traditions a set of tools, insights and learning. However, even as we share, we also accept that we may play very different roles in the turning of the great wheel, the dawn of the new age.

Reflections (and the tradition it serves) is rooted fundamentally in respect; respect for one’s elders and teachers, respect for fellow seekers on the path and respect for oneself.

We invoke two qualities: embodiment and en-soul-ment. By embodiment we mean invoking sacredness into everyday life by living out in the world the values we hold dear within our hearts. We define en-soul-ment as the raising of every day life to the level of a sacred vocation.

Join us as we experiment, observe and discover the seeds of sacred vocation, a spiritual journey within a secular life.

If you seek

Then maybe Reflections is the place for you.

Our Focus is Soul Work

The focus of Reflections Mystery School is soul work. We offer classes on magickal and spiritual topics yes, but our primary area of concentration is evolving the soul. Soul work has many components—many in line with the core of most, if not all, spiritual traditions.

Soul work involves strengthening one’s core, or sense of self. We build up our inner and outer boundaries, the I and the not-I for instance. This is crucial if one wants to experience the oneness of all. One cannot merge with source until one has a self to dissolve.

Soul work involves shadow work, through which we reclaim our hidden energy and talent—literally the gold held by the Minotaur, so that it is available in our life and in our work. Our souls expand as we take back our projections, cleanse our lens, and unearth our repressions. This work is crucial for everyone, but most especially for those that follow a spiritual or leadership path.

Soul work involves building a spiritual practice that continually polishes the jewel of our soul. It is not how long you can be centered, grounded, compassionate and present, but in how you return to grace. And the key is having a regular practice of returning to grace.

Soul work involves self-awareness as to our strengths, weaknesses, talents, abilities, and limits. In this way we can give from our surplus instead of our scarcity. Too often we are not responding to our internal sense of “Yes!” but to an external expression of “No.” So we contour our spherical selves to slip into ill-fitted square holes and then wonder why something doesn’t feel quite right about our lives. At Reflections we start with who and what we are in our core and expand by beginning our search for meaning within.

Soul work involves discovering our growing edge, which is the place where it seems like the entire multi-verse is conspiring to draw our attention. “Growing edge” issues will come up at work, at the doctor’s office, and in your intimate relationships. Hell, even complete strangers will bring it your attention. Everyone and everything seems to be shouting, “Look at this!” It is our belief at Reflections that if we attend to the edge that is being called to our attention, we will have the most traction with our efforts and potentially experience the greatest growth.

Soul work involves listening to the ancient voice within. We listen primarily through our dreams. Dream work requires us to learn the language of mystery itself. We attune to this language through the study of myth, folk tales, and symbolism. We excavate our dreams for images, symbols, and messages. We enact ritual to engage these mysteries and strengthen our vocabulary, grammar, and syntax in this ancient tongue.

Souls work involves listening to each other. We recognize the divine in everyone and decipher its message through the voices of the people that surround our lives, especially those who have made a spiritual commitment to evolve their souls.

Soul work involves reaching outside the known. We listen as well to the wisdom keepers of the world. We study, discuss, and engage with ancient lessons shared by those we encounter in our daily lives and those we seek out for wisdom and mentoring.

It involves all of this and so much more. . . and then we rinse and repeat.

Mission, Lineage & Faculty


The mission of the Reflections Mystery School is to acknowledge, deepen our awareness of and strengthen our relationship with the presence of divine mystery. We recognize that the primary responsibility of a witch is to transform ourselves and that this work spans many lifetimes. We use our personal transformative work as our lens and blade, as our fuel and staff, as our salve and well, and as our foundation and womb as we participate fully within the flow of life.

As shamans of the new age, we delve into the subtle energies and communicate with all the realms. We study, work and grow with a spirit of curiosity, respect and humility. We listen. We observe. We acknowledge. We act. We learn. We grow. We accept. We move on.

Spiritual & Cultural Lineage

Reflections is a contacted mystery school. The school is not affiliated with any pre-existing mystery tradition. Entry into the mystery tradition that directs the school is via a first-degree initiation or via a second-degree initiation into one of our magical guilds.

Our spiritual lineage includes direct influences from Dark Flame Coven, Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, Reclaiming and Feri. Indirect influences include Catholicism, the Sojourner Truth Congregation of Unitarian Universalist, Voodun, Santeria, Hawaiian Mysticism, Jungian Psychology, and the cultural/political commentary of folks like bell hooks, Cornel West, Audrey Lourde and Starhawk.


Katrina Messenger is the founder and primary instructor for the Reflections Mystery School. Since 2008, Ivo Dominguez Jr., Elder of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, has joined the faculty of Reflections.

Reflections will also feature visiting and affiliate faculty from other mystery schools and traditions. Additional faculty will be added as needed.

Our Mystery Tradition & The Magical Guild System

The Order of the Elemental Mysteries is the mystery tradition that supports the work of Reflections. We are of course interested in the four ancient elements of air, fire, water, and earth. But we are also interested in elements such as the sun, moon, and stars, in the dark and the light, and in the primal energies these all represent. We are interested in foundational truths, energies, cycles, and currents that run throughout life as we know it here, in our living planet-wide ecosystem. But we are concerned not just with our own planet. We are interested in life in all forms, manifestation in all forms, and evolution of all types. Our interest however is always from the perspective of how does this help us in our very human evolution. What lessons can be learned, what solutions can we mimic, and what patterns can we discern in order to assist our own growth and healing. In this way, we try to engage with the ancient elements of our ancestors.

This tradition is structured as a guild system with four primary guilds, each associated with an elemental archetype.

The four primary guilds, when launched, will act as elemental anchors for the tradition. First-degree initiation makes one a member of the tradition, but guild membership requires a second-degree initiation. Primary guilds can spin off specialized or major guilds that remain answerable to their parent guild. Covens and circles are considered minor guilds within the tradition.

At the highest level is the Guild Circle, which contains the heads of the four primary guilds and all the members of the Elders Circle. The Elders Circle represents the element of spirit, and contains the elders of the tradition. The head of the Elders Circle is the head of the tradition. Currently the Elders Circle is the only active guild and it has only one member – Katrina Messenger. Each primary guild acts as a semi-autonomous religious order dedicated to exploring the work of their respective archetype within the lives of its members. Instead of the traditional three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, the primary and major guilds have six vows: Sustainability (poverty), Self Care (chastity), Willingness (obedience), Humility, Service, and Discipline.

The mystery school uses the four archetypes associated with the primary guilds within rituals and ceremonies. We also explore the six guild vows and what they mean within a modern spiritual context.