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Reflections Mystery School

Notes From Earth Ritual

Angela's notes and interpretations disclaimer: please let me know if there are any inaccuracies in these notes or my interpretations of what Katrina said

DECEMBER 3, 2006

Chant for Ritual

“My body is a living temple of love (2x)
O-o-o I am what I am (2x)
My body is the body of the Goddess (2x)”

Singers use a rhythm to keep songs from becoming dirges. We spent some time going over the rhythm of this chant and seeing how the pieces fit together.

Book Study for 2006/2007

The Intuitive Body by Wendy Palmer – see Katrina for handout with assignments and directions.

As Katrina went over the book study guide, she emphasized that the idea was to slow down our minds as we increase our bodily awareness. We are to commit to 40 days of the daily Basic Practice as described in the book. We can begin our 40 days whenever we choose. We can do more than 40 days, but have to do at least 40 days. We are to respond in writing to this practice and to the reading. Our first responses should be in our private journals (at least once a week), then after we have synthesized our initial responses, we should post a summary on the board as least once a month. Again this will help us to slow down the process so we can really pay attention to our bodies.

Our physical bodies have much more information about what is happening around us and to us than we give it credit for. We are quieting the mind through the Basic Practice in order to listen to the body.

What is offered through The Intuitive Body is a core teaching of the tradition. Katrina learned it from Reya who learned it from Cybele who learned it from Wendy Palmer and expanded it and included it into Feri?/Reclaiming? Practice.

Joy is experienced in the body.

Basic Practice as described by Wendy Palmer:
1)Breathe – using the spiral breath
2)Balance – modality of ensuring that you are in the center of our energy
3)Gravity – feeling the effect of gravity on your body
4)Quality – take a quality that you want to increase and ask yourself what it would feel like to have more of that quality in your life; you have to believe that you have some of that quality already

Journaling for Studying

We are spiritual scholars. The work we do in Reflections is meant to be graduate level work. We have to learn thoroughly the foundation of our work and the tradition, then we can do original work to add to the knowledge base.

Think of them as lab notes (ARR)

The person who writes in the journal is different than the person who talks and reads the journal. By reading your own journal, you will learn things you didn't know that you knew.

Read the Palmer's book and then respond to it in writing. The better part of the study is in the responding. Then you summarize after letting it cook and blend in your own caldron.

Stages of Learning

In this way we begin the path toward mastery, not stopping just at knowledge. And if we are going to teach, it has to be from a place of mastery. If you teach only what you know, you cannot answer questions that you did not ask yourself.

Mind/body Dichotomy

Mind/body. Spirit/matter. These are false dichotomies. Whenever we counter their arguments that denigrate matter or the body and raise up mind and spirit with “the earth is sacred and the body is good,” we are engaging in the debate using the terms and conditions set forth by others.

There is no dichotomy! We are alive, therefore we are embodied. When you are alive, you are here and have the ability to impact the here and now. If we are embodied and on the plane of Malkuth, if these are inherent to our existence here and now, how can they be “evil”?

Countering with “earth/body is sacred” is not the point. It is a circular argument. One must step outside the debate to perceive and point out that denigrating where you live (ie Malkuth) is the product of a sick mind. If we are here, then we have a responsibility to this place we live and we have a responsibility in just being here.

“Don't shit where you eat.”

Our minds are a part of here. Our bodies are a part of here. They cannot be separated. Our mind is attached to our body, and some say that the mind lives in the body.

We engage in the same mindfuck/false dichotomy when we believe that we can do something when our bodies say “no.” For example, when we refuse to go to the bathroom when our bodies tell us that we have to go.

“Flesh trumps all.”